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TRACE-THE-8's is a fun and engaging activity designed to be used with children or adults. It works on ocular-motor skills, midline crossing, laterality, eye-hand coordination and brain integration. This classic therapeutic activity has been totally re-imagined, wildly expanding its therapeutic range!

Set includes 10 fully laminated charts of increasing complexity, 2 dry erase markers and an eraser. Charts are meant to be used in a variety of ways and in various positions and orientations. Also comes with an Info Sheet outlining how to use, skills addressed, suggested variations, care and maintenance.

The most basic pattern of tracing starts with the marker at the center point of the smallest figure, moving up and to the left, following along until the entire figure 8 has been traced. Continue working, one by one, out until the largest figure 8 is traced. It is intended to be done slowly, fluidly and with a fair amount of accuracy. If needed start the tracing with only a finger.

As the charts begin to include letters, shapes, numbers and words, ask the user to say each one out loud as they pass by it in their tracing. To concentrate on visual scanning skills, have them point to or circle certain shapes, letters, words etc. as instructed.

Designed to be used in schools, clinics or at home. A great workout for those skills needed to improve copying from the board; handwriting (especially those letters with diagonals), and reading along a line.

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