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Computer Products

Computers, day by day, are being more tightly woven into the fabric of everyday life. Our children, like all children, need to be prepared to access and take advantage of this technology. While methods of access continuously expand and refine, keyboarding and mouse control are universally used. As these are motor skills, difficulties with motor control will negatively impact the speed, accuracy and ease of interaction. However, with the proper, fun, entertaining, kid-friendly tools and practice, success with the computer and other computer based technologies can be achieved.  

We, at PFOT, have spent much time researching software programs and some of the hardware options available. Each item has been selected for the motor and/or perceptual/cognitive skills it reinforces.

Please check all requirements for both hardware and software. If they don't make sense to you, or you are unfamiliar with your computer system and its requirements, ask someone more knowledgeable about computers to help you before ordering. Most software manufacturers will not accept returns of opened software and hardware and we must follow their policies. Feel free to call us with questions before placing an order.

When initially presenting the programs and hardware to the children, it is recommended, as with all therapeutic materials, that they be supervised. In this way they obtain the most therapeutic value from the products. As proficiency increases, so can independent use.

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