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Rona's Design Copy

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Comprehensive collection of 72 graded, dot to dot designs divided into 4 levels of difficulty. Beginner and Intermediate levels inovlve 4, 6 and 9 dot grids with designs that are to be copied into empty grids right next to the printed design. The advanced level involves more complex, 16 dot grids and design must be copied into a separate board. The Expert or Black Diamond designs are most difficult. These designs show only the dots that were used in making the design, the rest of the dots comprising the grid are missing. This makes it much more difficult to orient spatially where and how the design fits and on to what size grid it should be drawn... Housed in an easy access ring binder, 2 or 3 students could work on different designs at one time. Workboards and beginner pages are laminated and meant to be used with write and wipe markers or crayons.
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