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PFOT Gift Services

 Can I send a gift without getting it gift wrapped?

  • Sure. But please still let us know it's a gift so it can be processed and handled correctly.

Is gift wrapping available? When?

  • Yes, Gift Wrapping is available all year long. Items can be wrapped individually or if possible, grouped and wrapped together.

How much does it cost?

  • Cost for gift-wrapping range from $3.99 to $9.99+ depending on size. To save you money, items will be stacked or boxed together in the least expensive size than wrapped as one package. Here is an idea of sizes and costs:


Size - Description Cost
Very Small box (about the size of 3 stacked DVD cases)  $3.99
Small box (about the size of a shoebox)  $3.99
Medium 8 1/2 x 11 x 6" (about the size of 3 stacked reams of paper)  $4.99
Large 15 x 15 x 8  (fits a Slant board or most seat cushions)  $4.99
Extra-large  24 x 24 x 12 (fits a dizzy disc)  $6.99
Other sized  $9.99 & up
**Please note that large, heavy, very irregular shaped or drop shipped items are not eligible for gift-wrap service. Items can be individually wrapped at your request. Each item will be charged as per size.

What kind of paper is used?

  • Fun, Seasonal, non-gender Specific paper is used (winter snowmen, party ribbons & confetti, balloons, etc.). Some items, because of their size or shape, cannot be wrapped in paper, so a gift bag may be used instead.

Can everything be gift wrapped?

  • No, some items cannot be wrapped because of their unusual size, weight, or shape. Drop shipped items also cannot be gift wrapped.

How will they know it's from me?

  • The packing slip will list you in the "bill to" section. You also can write a short personalized message, if you would like us to include a complementary notecard.

Will they see how much I paid for everything?

  • Nope. If we know it is a gift we'll black out the prices on the packing list.

Will they get my gift in time?

  • Please let us know the date the gift is needed, so we can better plan to get your gift there on time. We will set a "NTGO date". This is the last date that your package MUST leave our facility to get there before or on-time. When placing your order, please remember to allow time for processing and transportation. Unless otherwise instructed, your package will ship via ground service of UPS or USPS. We will contact you if an expedited air service is needed to get it there on time and what additional shipping costs this will require. At that point, nothing will ship until we hear from you!

What if an item is out of stock?

  • As soon as your gift order is processed, we will let you know if any item is not available. New Inventory arrives every day. If we feel confident that the item will be arriving before the "NTGO date", (This is the last date that your package MUST leave our facility to get there before or on-time via ground service) we will let you know. The order will then wait for this item, unless you choose to cancel it. If the item is not received as expected, it will be deleted and the order will ship. We will notify you if this occurs. (Please note: additional shipping fees are needed if you would prefer available items to be sent ahead rather than wait.)
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