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Wait, Wait....Stay Calm: A Waiting Sensory Set

Wait, Wait....Stay Calm: A Waiting Sensory Set

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Stay Calm: A Waiting Sensory Box- was designed for those times that you need just a few minutes to stay calm and relieve some anxiety. It maybe waiting in a doctors exam room; during a dental cleaning or counseling session; Maybe during a short medical procedure like an EEG. Anytime that hands need to be kept busy and distracted and anxiety is running high. Why not just one item?

Why do I need a Sensory Box with several items? Everyone's needs are different. What you find calming, someone else may find irritating. Having a variety of items that feel different allows users to find the "just right" item. The one that their nervous system responds to and finds satisfying. Once a "just right" match is discovered, similar items can be tried or the user may request the exact same item again and again.

Please note that from time to time the exact items in the set you receive may vary slightly, but the sensory feel and value of the item will be the same. Any item can be re-ordered separately.

Items include:

  • Memory foam ball or animal - smooth foam, handful size that encourages squeezing and squishing. Great for using all strength and energy.
  • Tangle - a never-ending loop made up of of small segments that can twist and turn individually. Popular of 2 handed finger use.
  • Slide Bead Fidget - Simple, calming device. Beads slide a short distance, turn and repeat. Similar to worry or rosary beads, but with movement.
  • Smiley face, DNA ball - clear outer ball filled with gel and smaller balls that move around when squeezed. Has a bumpy feel.
  • Klixx- connected 1" plastic pieces that make a soft "click" sound each time it moves. Scrunch all at once for a bigger noise and crunch feel or move each segment individually for precise manipulation and a click with each movement.
  • Kush-Flex Grips - 2pk - These grips are fun on or off a pencil. Rub them between fingers or on palms for a prickly sensation.
  • Stuffed Puffer on a mini pencil- The long, spindly spikes of this pencil topper are perfect finger ticklers or stretchy.
  • 2 Boinks with a marble - slide the enclosed marble back and forth for repetitive calming.
  • Sili Sensory Scrub - this animal or round scrub brush is made up of row upon row of short nubby spikes. Rub fingers over or on different body parts for that "just got a crew cut feeling"... NICE!
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