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Schoodles: Pediatric Fine Motor Assessment- Now on CD!

Schoodles: Pediatric Fine Motor Assessment- Now on CD!

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by Marie Frank OTR & Amy Wing, OTR This is the 3rd edition of this performance based observation tool was developed to expedite the evaluation process of fine motor skills while maintaining relevance to classroom function and success in school. The tool is divided into 3 sections; the therapist guide and 2 skill assessment sections. The therapist guide is very important and should be read by all, especially new or less experienced pediatric therapists. The therapist guide provides a brief explanation of each task in the workbook, including guidelines regarding what types of observations a therapist should be making with each task and what those observations might mean. The first evaluation section involves Classroom Skills and the tasks are found in the reproducible workbook section. The tasks are presented developmentally using engaging kid friendly graphics. If the child has problems with the workbook classroom tasks, completing the Supporting Skill activities will help you understand why the child is having problems with school related tasks. The second group of activities addressed the supporting/underlying skills needed to achieve quality fine motor outcomes. The evaluation comes on a CD, so you can printout all pages or just the one's you need. Why carry a 3 ring binder if you don't need it? Schoodles is an informative, self contained, grab and go tool for the busy therapist!

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