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Roller Typing

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(Ages 8-adult) Learning and practicing typing is both fun and challenging in this roller blade based program. You will learn the keys through 20 skill levels, learn proper fingering techniques, improve accuracy and develop speed and rhythm. Scores are given for both accuracy and speed, but fun is the real reward. Five action packed skating activities included. "Cones" and "cow jumping" present a series of letters to be typed. Once finished with typing sequence, your accuracy is reflected in the skaters performance and success while navigating cones and jumping cows. In "Half Pipe", a correctly typed sequence produces a special in air trick. In "Speed Blade" and "Sidewalk Action" the skater matches your speed in typing words and sentences. As typing skills improve, self esteem increases. Proper keyboarding and typing skills are more important than ever, both in school and in business.
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