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Back in stock - "Made for you activities!"

Wild About Animals由eady, Set, Roar: A group activity

Wild About Animals由eady, Set, Roar: A group activity

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Ready, Set, Roar: This game was designed to teach animals, but the materials are well made and the play so versatile that you will find yourself reaching for it over and over again. Set includes mats for 5 different animals (tiger, giraffe, zebra, snake, and bird- 20 mats total) and 3 cubes as dice. (1 number, 1 color & 1 animal).

How to play? Well that’s up to you. The activity booklet includes games such as: everyone stands on a mat…

  • Pretend to walk/be that animal until told to stop
  • Roll a dice and everyone jump to that color mat; or roll 2 die and get to that color or animal
  • Make an animal noise and everyone hop to those mats
  • “Find an animal with stripes”
  • Roll 2 die and everyone on that animal “sleeps” until the groups counts to the number Or everyone on that animal, stands on 1 foot for the number of seconds
  • More ideas included & you will quickly make up your own!

Here's a video of the game in action:

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