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slide bead fidget

Slide Bead Fidgets - the Quiet Fidget

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Slide Bead fidget (2 sizes available): PFOT has had the “basic” hand-sized fidget for a while now. It fills the need to fidget, but silently. No clicking, snapping or spinning. Simply hold the end or fasten to a stable surface, grasp the beads and slide it the other end one or two at a time. Original Slide Bead Fidget is small with an overall size of approximately 4”, perfect for a small discreet fidget. Contains 10 plastic beads in assorted colors and a key ring. The new “Biggie” Slide bead fidget: works the same way but is 3-4 feet long and made with natural wooden beads. This was designed specifically for working at midline or crossing midline, range of motion and strengthening for upper extremity stability. Suspend the fidget vertically- a carabiner clip is included, at the desired height, to one side or at midline. The player must reach up, grasp a bead and slide it all the way down. If the bottom is secured or held in place, beads can then be reversed and slid back up the strings. Wooden beads avoid a “childish” appearance so can easily be appropriate for older students or even adults. More motivating and fun then a finger ladder! This quiet fidget reminds us of old fashioned worry beads. You can slide each of the beads individually or in pairs, forward then back. Simple, yet memorizing, rewarding and calming. Easy to keep in a pocket or clip to a key ring.
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