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K-Ball, short for Kinesthetic Basketball, is a basketball game you play with your eyes closed! Impossible you say...read on! One side of the 11" x 17" dry-erase surface depicts an entire basketball court, complete with men and a scoreboard. the other size shows only half court with men arranged in foul shot position. the men are actually preprinted circles and squares in 2 different colors scattered across the court. The object of the game is for the human players to score points. To do so, your game piece or tip of a dry erase marker is placed on your shape at center court. Decide which of your teammates you want to "pass" to and practice that move 2 or 3 times with your eyes open. when ready, make that same move but with your eyes closed. If your dot lands totally inside your shape, then, it was a successful pass and you get to go again. If you missed your mark, ball goes to the other side. Feeling lucky?...go for that 3 pointer! Play individually or in teams. It's loads of fun and everyone's sensory system gets a real kinesthetic workout! Helps improve awareness of body position for young and old alke. So, why not challenge Grandpa to a game of K-Ball!
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