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PFOT Picture Search Printed Booklets
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PFOT Picture Search Printed Booklets

PFOT Picture Search Printed Booklets
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These are the perfect activity sheets to reinforce the foundational skills needed for reading, math and overall visual organization and attention to detail. Typical word searches require students to seek out words that may run in all directions, including backwards and upside down! Not a good thing for early readers and those with learning differences.

So we have created interesting, highly motivating searches that use only pictures, no words- so no vocabulary, spelling or letter fears. Each page also includes a number count of each object. So if after presenting the search, it appears to be too difficult for the student, you can quickly switch and ask them to locate the quantity of objects.

Picture Search books 1 & 2 include all activity sheets, including frequent letter reversal sheets. Picture search for Beginners focus in locating a set quantity of 1 object at a time. Picture Search - Advanced includes only the most challenging searches.


Picture Search Puzzle Books! An exclusive PFOT version of classic word search puzzles. There are 24 reproducible puzzles in book 1 and 2, in 4 groupings, with each grouping progressing in difficulty.

Puzzles move from simple one-to-one correspondence to finding 2 & 3 characters; horizontal, vertical and diagonal; to "L"-shaped arrangements and directionality variables. Size of grid and number of characters presented increases along with the difficulty level. While some letter and numbers are used, most puzzles are created using simple, black & white pictures which are fun, familiar and enticing to children.

Great for working on visual scanning, attention to detail, pencil/crayon control, visual perception and visual memory.

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PFOT Picture Search Printed Booklets
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Positive reviews:

PFOT Picture Search Printed Booklets
Very different
I got the first book to try and am now getting book 2. The puzzles are very different. Some very basic, others more advanced. I like that they have pages to practice reversals. On each one they also include how many of each object is in puzzle. I never thought of this, but I had a student that was becoming very frustrated trying to do a difficult puzzle, and we were able to just pivot and find correct number of each object instead. So he still felt successful