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Busy Busy Bake Shop - a color/pattern match game

Busy Busy Bake Shop - a color/pattern match game

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Busy, Busy Bake Shop: Players roll the 3 dice to determine what the attributes are of the donut they must find. They then must use the large tweezers/tongs to place the donut on its matching location on the board. 4 in a row wins the game but wait a minute.... there's a mouse in the bakery competing against you! The third die has a picture of a mouse. When he pops up, that donut is his. If he sneaks away with 3 donuts before you get 4 in a row, well better call an exterminator because he won! Address visual discrimination skills, matching, organizing AND fine motor skills all in this game a chance. includes: 16 colorful wooden donuts, 1 cardboard mouse, 2 donut attribution die, 1 mouse dice and 1 pair of tongs.
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