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Zebra Paper - NEW Spacing paper!

Zebra Paper - NEW Spacing paper!

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What is Zebra Paper?  A simple method to teach children to evenly space letters and words when writing. It can assist in decreasing writing size as they mature and become more fluent in forming letters and words. For the struggling student, it can be used as a guide to help develop even spacing and decrease or increase letter formation to a more appropriate size.

Zebra paper also gives you concrete, measurable evidence of the student’s writing. FINALLY, you can easily measure and document what size their writing is at the beginning of intervention or the school year and then what size it is after a course of time or intervention.

Zebra paper can be used when first learning to write letters and words as a teaching guide. Teaching letter sizing and word spacing right from the start helps to avoid problems and bad habits.

Best of all: Several user-versions are available making it economical and user-friendly.

  • Single User Digital Version- You can download the digital file and use it with all of YOUR students.
  • Multi-User Digital Version- Download and share with 1-10 therapists/teachers/parents; who may use it with all students.
  • Building/10+ Users Version - Download may be shared with a single school or 10+ users in a department
  • Digital Site Licence: Allows all employees in a school or facility to use the file.
  • Prefer a hard copy? That's also available. Printed copy of the Complete Zebra Paper kit. (Includes a printed copy of all pages that may be re-produced based upon licence purchased.)
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