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Tool Time for Fine Motor Skills

The use and mastery of tools is an ever present challenge for children and adults alike. The motor planning, fine motor coordination, hand skills, and cause and effect principles inherent in their use is hard to duplicate -- and clients love them.
Mystery Box - $10 Try Me Box
Who doesn't LOVE a good mystery! We take a standard shipping box and stuff it with all kinds of fun goodies. We can't tell you what will be in it (that would ruin the surprise!), but we can tell you that the total retail value will be AT LEAST double the price!* Limited time - so order today!

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*(Most items new; opened for review or used as a sample. Not broken. No missing pieces or parts. Boxes may be worn or dented. As is.)


Tool Kit Sampler
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
10 tools (including 2 zoo sticks-because you'll love them!) plus a set of spiny balls and critter balls, all at a discounted price! Great for groups of 2 or more. (picture may not be accurate- tools may be substituted but value will always be great!)

Tweezer Set
Get one of each of the four tweezers. 3 stainless steel, 1 plastic as described below. Sorry - no small objects to "pick up" included.

DeluxeTweezer Set
4 Real tweezers-various degrees of finger strength needed. Includes tiny manipulatives and a plastic "lab tube" to put them in (not pictured).

Handy Scoopers
Bubble Tongs, Bug Tongs, what ever you call them this kooky tool is a handy way to build the muscles of the hand needed for scissor use, pencil control and other fine motor tasks such as buttoning…and they’re crazy fun! The translucent scoops at the end of these sturdily made easy-grip handles lets players see what they have inside. Great for picking up small objects, water play and bug collecting!
Zoo Sticks - Animals & Cars Too!
A new tool for little hands. Shaped like animals with long legs, these zany tongs can pick up even the smallest things. Try them with M&M's! Great for pre-scissor work & basic hand strengthening & coordination.

The Trap
Kids love this metal trap attached to plastic handles. Squeeze the handles together to open, release and the trap closes. Can be operated easily to pick up or "capture" small items. Can be used by preschool populations on up, to promote thumb use, cause and effect, and repetitive arm movements. Trap is approximately 5" long.

Bug Tongs
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Cool new hand tool with the scissor like handles and clear plastic ball at the other end. Great for catching bugs, putty balls or any other small items.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Bug Tongs - 2 pk $2.00 P8514-2 Quantity   
Bug Tongs - 6 pack $5.00 P8514-6 Quantity   
Bug Tongs - 12 pack $10.00 P8514-12 Quantity   
Bug Tongs - 24 pack $20.00 P8514-24 Quantity   
Wood Tongs
Use these 8" wooden tongs to move and sort small items. Encourages proper wrist and finger positioning needed for scissors and crayon use, while also developing finger strength, endurance and sustained cocontraction of the hand/fingers. Lightweight and inexpensive, ideal for group work or to use in classroom & home programs.
Strawberry Picker

A very unusual pint-sized picker upper! Made of stainless steel (no sharp edges), this strawberry picker is ideal for little hands. Use to pick up cotton balls, pom pom balls, yarn, monster men, almost anything. Helps strengthen grasp patterns, while also developing open/close pattern needed for scissor use.

Three-Point Grabber
Push the plunger and three thin wire legs emerge ready to grab their "prey" (small items). Once caught release the items into a container, by again pushing on the plunger. This 8" long plastic grabber really works the muscles of the thumb, index and middle fingers helping to develop strength and stability in this area. Also helps to develop the ability to use tools. Low price allows you to order many for use with groups or to recommend for home programs. Supervision recommended due to design of legs. Try it with small animal figures or our spiny balls.

Mini 3-Point Grabber
Adorable little plastic grabber will pick up most small, adorable little items. A fun way to exercise and strengthen the 3 fingers used for writing, buttoning, shoe typing and most skilled fine motor tasks. Push the plunger down and 3 grabber legs appear to snatch up M&M’s, pegs, beads, screws, etc.

Spiny Balls
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Brightly colored, soft spine balls. Fun to squeeze, throw, hide, grab. How many can you tuck into the palm of your hand? 12 balls in a set.

Critter balls
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
A spiny ball with a cute little face and long tail! Great used with our toolkit for developing hand skills or as classroom manipulatives. See how many you can hold in one hand or will fit into cupped hands. Assorted colors; 6 critters per set.

Mini Eraser Collection
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
You receive an assortment of 50 small adorable erasers in the shapes of flowers, stars, turtles and other friendly characters. Approximately 3/4” x 3/8” in size. They can be sorted by shape and placed flat on table or stood on edge for a greater fine motor challenge. Try picking them up or towering them using one of our tweezers or other tools to increase the hand and arm workout received.

Plastic Tweezers
At only 4 inches long, this “grabby, grippy” new hand tool is just perfect for little fingers. Specifically engineered to maintain alignment, the grooved plastic handle also provides tactile and visual cues for finger placement. Tip is pointed but not sharp and lined with non-slip teeth for holding items. Opens only 1/2 inch, so subtle and refined movement of the thumb and fingers are reinforced. Also great for working on midrange control of arms, midline crossing and range of motion. Try picking up small items including spiny balls, letter beads, colored rice, etc.

E-Z Reverse Tweezer
It’s a tweezer but you squeeze-er to open, not close. Release the tension and tip automatically closes. Five inch stainless steel tweezer requires little physical strength to operate. Pickup small items, place pegs, use one in each hand to string small beads. Fun tool for small hands. Has a pointy though not sharp tip.

Resistive Reverse Offset Tweezer
Same concept as above but longer in length and more resistive to squeeze open. It also has a bent or offset point giving a clearer view of the object to be picked up. Wood-like overlay provides clear indication of finger placement for best balanced operation. Great tool for building hand strength and endurance.

Large E-Z Offset Tweezer
These standard operating tweezers are 7 inch long stainless steel and require only a minimal amount of hand strength to squeeze closed. The pointy, not sharp, offset tip makes it easy to see the object you want to pick up. Quality construction allows for use as a precision tool capable of precise work. Pick-up paper clips, our new mini erasers, rice, etc. A great, highly durable addition to any “tool” collection.

Large Headed Snappers
So vibrant and authentic looking kids cannot help but interact with these jaw snapping wild animals. The 12 inch long handle and trigger mechanism are constructed of heavy duty plastic, more durable than most. Larger mouth opening and heavier weight facilitates two handed use when picking up items. Buy 2, even wild animals need friends.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Dino Headed Snapper $3.95 P9879 Quantity   
Tiger-Shark Headed Snapper $3.95 P9878 Quantity   
Mini Loop Scissors
"Finally, the ease of a loop scissor in a small, child size. The 5 in. scissor has a wider grip area for greater stability and it automatically reopens when pressure is released. Great beginning scissor for preschools, first-time cutters, or those with small hands. Suitable for use with either hand."

Lil’ Grabber
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
It looks and works like a small plastic mechanical arm. Squeeze handle between two fingers to close the pincers. Play robot and pick up and move small items without ever touching them. An amazingly motivating new tool for working on finger and hand strength.

Glitter Pom Poms
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Soft, colorful, fluffy ½ inch pom poms with the glittery threads that keeps them from sticking together. Perfect for picking up with any of our tongs, tweezers or other hand tools. 80 to a pack so there are plenty for group activities. How fast can you pick up all the red ones and put them in a plastic bottle? Also great for craft activities.

Heavy Duty Tongs
Similar in function to our wood tongs, but shorter and made entirely of metal. Requires greater hand and finger strength to use and encourages sustained cocontraction of the hand/fingers to maintain "grasp" on item being grabbed.