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The Learning Tower

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This versatile piece is a must have for all homes with small children. What it is is a sturdy, non-tip structure that safely and securely lifts a child up to counter height! No more wobbly step stools with narrow platforms to fall off of or kitchen chairs pushed up to the sink, only to slide out from under them as they watch or play. Made of birch with a durable, high gloss, lead free finish that cleans with a damp cloth. Comes with railings on 4 sides to support child as they climb in and out and to keep them from falling once in the Tower. Wide enough for 2 children the 15"x18" platform height adjusts quickly and easily to grow with the child from ages 18 months to 6 years. For some children the enclosed space and standing nature of their position will positively impact their behavior. They may become calmer and more alert and focused when using the Tower. Well designed, easy to assemble, multi-award winning. Makes shared time in the kitchen with your children such a fun, safe, and stree free experience you will wonder how you ever got along without the Learning Tower!
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