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Pin it, Peg it, and create your own mosaic art work! This great new pegboard with the small rubber pegs will really challenge fine and bilateral motor coordination. Set comes with an 8x6" hard plastic board, 900 small pegs in 8 bright colors, 6 two-sided pattern sheets and one peg driver for placing and removing one peg at a time. There is also a tool to assist with the removal of 19 pegs at one time. Each peg is first placed into the driver tool. This is then used to push the peg into the board at desired locations. Peg removal tools are used from the other side of the board to push out the colored pegs when you wish to clear the board. The putting in or taking out of pegs can be done without tool assistance but use of the tools make the task more manageable and lots more fun! Create patterns, designs, shapes and letters or follow the included patterns. Perfect for use at home, in the classroom or at therapy.
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