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Hex Peg

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Exciting new twist on the classic geoboard game where rubber bands are stretched around posts to create shapes and designs. In this version, the large 6 sided board has 37 posts interspersed with 54 peg holes; additionally there are 54 pegs in 4 colors. Players take turns stretching bands across 4 posts making straight liines. Each line must be attached to a previously made line by at least one post. As lines are attached players attempt to form triangle shapes with one peg hole in the middle. the peg hole is then filled with one of their pegs. Person with the most pegs on the board is the winner. As an added bonus, Hex Peg also includes a set of design cards. Copy the placement of pegs and rubber bands to duplicate the pattern. A seriously valuable tool for working on bilateral and fine motor coordination, visual perception and visual planning.
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