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Sensory materials to encourage the use of touch to learn about objects and the environment, as well as to help build an understanding of the body and its relation to the world around it. Many with sensory processing disorder or SPD are sensory defensive. Tactile defensive or TD may dislike some touch sensations (ie getting hands dirty, finger-paint, light touch that may occur when standing line, etc). Other sensory systems may also be defensive. Auditory - loud noises; oral- dislike textures and tastes so may have a very limited diet; vestibular (movement)- may easily get car sick or may need more input than others (ie swinging or spinning). Visual- may not tolerate bright, flickering or changing lights. Olfactory- may not tolerate strong aromas- pleasant or noxious.

Bead Ball
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
A soothing, oozing combination of hundreds of tiny beads and gel makes this one a little resistive but pleasing.

Rotator Spinner
A great piece of equipment for providing vestibular input and balance training. Slightly oblong 20x18x5” spinning disc has a slight wobble for increased input and is perfect for lying, sitting or standing. Designed for younger children The Rotator will safely hold 130 lbs. Durably constructed with two molded carry handles for easy transport.

Wikki Stix Activity Set
"Comes with 84 short colored wikki stixs and a firm, durable, reusable playboard to work your wikki's on. Board can also be used as a write - wipe surface. You can draw a design, then outline it in wikki's (sorry-pens not included). Playboard is also great for working in a vertical plane, and also when no surface is available (i.e. travel, bed)."

scrunchkins-tiger-Pocket Full of Therapy.gif
Squeezable animals or balls made of a memory foam. Give 'em a squeeze and watch them unscrunch and change right before your eyes! Animals and balls are assorted, so order more then one.
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $3.95 $3.75 $3.50

One Touch Play Tent
Gadzooks, this is the easiest ever tent to put up and take down. Patented “one touch” technology lets you simply remove tent from carry bag, unfold it, lift up and then push down. It’s all set and in a matter of 60 seconds you have a quiet reading space or isolated, calm down spot in a classroom corner. Use it the same way at home, or in the clinic. Playtime becomes more creative and maybe naptime less stressful. Also, great when traveling with children. Use at the beach, in the park, or your own backyard. This ultra high quality tent has been engineered with the structural stability to withstand wind and provides protection from UV rays. Each 48 x 48 x 36 high tent is UV treated, SPF 30 rated and has a water proof floor. The kids love it and so will you!

Pencil Topper Balls
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Fun, colorful, highly tactile sensory fidgets that also fit on the end of a pencil. Use as part of a sensory diet or as a reward. 3 to a set.

Leg Weights *
Same great quality construction as our hand and forearm weights, leg weights provide proprioceptive input for those with diminished sensory processing. Designed to allow maximum lower leg flexibility and mobility it will help increase kinesthetic awareness during gross motor, helping to improve body awareness, motor planning and overall coordination. Size determined by measurement taken from 2" above ankle bone to crease of the knee. *(Sorry this item does not qualify for free shipping. Shipping costs may be added to your total during processing)

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Small Leg Weight $30.95 T6615
Medium Leg Weight $34.95 T6618
Sensory Ball
It's the perfect sized ball (7 inches) covered in perfect little nubs. Provides strong tactile input when thrown, caught, rolled, grasped or hugged. These balls are a sensory sensation!

Therapy Tangle Relax Jr.
Quantity   1 - 5    6 - 23    24+  
Price $5.95 $5.50 $4.75

Therapy Tangle
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $12.95 $11.50 $9.95

Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
An incredible fidget. It just makes your fingers want to move! Multi-colored segments join together to twist and turn, move and groove. These small, brightly, colored plastic toys will quickly become a favorite. Four styles to choose from. Tangle Jr. is small, smooth and colorful; Textured Tangle Jr. is small and adds bumps, ridges and grooves to the fun; DNA Tangle is larger with lots of groovy bumps; Fuzzy Tangle Jr. is, well… fuzzy! The smaller size, cool colors, and fuzzy texture are a tactile treat!

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Fuzzy Jr. Tangle $3.95 T3364
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $3.95 $3.70 $3.50
Tangle Jr. $2.95 T3381
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $2.95 $2.70 $2.50
Texture Jr. Tangle $3.50 T3659
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $3.50 $3.25 $3.00
Therapy Tangle $12.95 T3386
Quantity   1 - 11    12 - 23    24+  
Price $12.95 $11.50 $9.95
Therapy Tangle Relax Jr. $5.95 T3388
Quantity   1 - 5    6 - 23    24+  
Price $5.95 $5.50 $4.75
Icky Yicky Smile Face Ball
A clear skin filled with gel and a collection of 14 small balls all sporting a big smiley face. A great sensory experience as the balls glide and slide over each other.

Back Talk
A fun game where players try to guess what object has been drawn on their back. Cards are laid out on a table and each player in turn, becomes either the "artist" or the "canvas". Using a plastic stylus, one of the pictures from the deck is drawn on your back and you must focus on the feeling and guess which one it was. Terrific game emphasizing tactile discrimination, non-verbal communication and fine motor skills. Back Talk, the game where everyone is an artist, but your works of art are not seen, only felt.

$19.95 $17.95 On Sale!
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
K-Ball, short for Kinesthetic Basketball, is a basketball game you play with your eyes closed! Impossible you on! One side of the 11" x 17" dry-erase surface depicts an entire basketball court, complete with men and a scoreboard. the other size shows only half court with men arranged in foul shot position. the men are actually preprinted circles and squares in 2 different colors scattered across the court. The object of the game is for the human players to score points. To do so, your game piece or tip of a dry erase marker is placed on your shape at center court. Decide which of your teammates you want to "pass" to and practice that move 2 or 3 times with your eyes open. when ready, make that same move but with your eyes closed. If your dot lands totally inside your shape, then, it was a successful pass and you get to go again. If you missed your mark, ball goes to the other side. Feeling lucky?...go for that 3 pointer! Play individually or in teams. It's loads of fun and everyone's sensory system gets a real kinesthetic workout! Helps improve awareness of body position for young and old alke. So, why not challenge Grandpa to a game of K-Ball!

Focus Lappy *
This new and exciting weighted lap pad comes with 2 hand fidgets already attached and ready for use! Fidgets are removable and others can be easily added. Durably constructed of tough Condura nylon and heavy duty webbing; the Focus Lappy is weighted with play sand and comes with a removable, manchine washable, fleece cover. Weighs 4.2 lbs. and mesures 23"x8". Pockets on the underside of the Lappy give the hands a soft, warm place to burrow. While using the Focus Lappy students remain in their seat longer and bother their neighbors less. Additionally, users tend to be calmer and more focused with better attending and greater patientce. Perfect for use in the classroom, clinic or at home. *(sorry this item may not qualify for free shipping)

Classic, egg shaped hand exerciser looks great and has a great feel. Solid material so kids can squeeze as hard as they want. Perfect fidget, nervous energy releaser or distracter when a student or anyone is anxious.

Super Mondo Inside-Out Ball
- Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Super-sized version is a real handful.The 7-inch dia. ball has a heavy, weighted feel and takes a little more work to turn inside out. Wear as a hat or on the foot for a different sensory experience.

Focus Fidgety
The Focus Fidgety is great and everyone needs a fidget! They can help you maintain focus and process information. For some children fidgets can also be helpful in maintaining socially acceptable behaviors. The fidget provides an outlet for excess energy, making it easier for the child to control or reduce their impulsive reaching out and touching of neighbors and/or objects in their immediate environment. The child size Focus Fidgety is a soft, corduroy covered bag filled with PEG pact pellets, inviting to squeeze and with the latex free wrist band in place, it won't end up on the floor!
Quantity   1 - 11    12+  
Price $7.95 $6.95

Sensory Gel Pads
Put away your messy hair gel and zip-lock bags! These heat-sealed, high grade vinyl gel pads are safer, more durable easier to clean, and offer a far greater sensory experience than the man-made variety. Work on visual attending, hand eye coordination, finger isolation and hand and finger strengthening. Additionally, the proprioceptive input received from pushing the shape through the resistive gel, along with the innate sensory experience of the gel itself, combine to make the Sensory Gel Pads calming, anxiety reducing activities. Try using as a pre-sleep, calming down activity. The maze is a fun, finger challenge for one person at a time, while the Wave is a lot of fun when played a a 2 person experience. Alternative play might involve racing the clock or another player, or try moving the floating pieces from end to end while eyes are closed. Awesome multi-sensory experience!

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Sensory Gel Pads-Gel Maze $28.95 S5542 Quantity   
Sensory Gel Pads-Wave $28.95 S5547 Quantity   
Miracle Sensory Belt & Covers*
The Miracle Belt is a weighted therapy belt for children which promotes self calming, balance and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. When wearing the belt children quickly feel more grounded, focused and secure. Attending and stability improves, distractibility decreases and children are better able and more neurologically prepared to participate in tasks and activities at home, school and at play. The proximal/central location of the Belt at the waist means less weight is required to effect a change. Worn under or over clothing, the Miracle Belt is a wonderfully freeing alternative to weighted vests. Made with EVA foam and neoprene weight pouches filled with tiny stainless steel balls, the Belt is one of the most comfortable, safe and durable sensory processing aids available! Use with or without a cover. Blue material cover gives the normally sporty black Miracle Belt more of a wardrobe accessory look! *(Sorry this item does not qualify for free shipping. Shipping costs may be added to your total during processing)

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Miracle Belt - Small* $51.95 T7021 Quantity   
Miracle Belt - Medium* $57.95 T7024 Quantity   
Miracle Belt - Large* $64.95 T7025 Quantity   
Miracle Belt - XLarge* $72.95 T7071 Quantity   
Miracle Belt Cover - Small $11.95 T7073 Quantity   
Miracle Belt Cover - Medium $12.95 T7074 Quantity   
Miracle Belt Cover - Large $13.95 T7075 Quantity   
Miracle Belt Cover - XLarge $14.95 T7077 Quantity   
Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket & Cover*
Weight, as a sensation, is inhibitory and calming to the central nervous system. As a result, the gentle, all over pressure applied by a weighted blanket, will help anxious, fidgety children to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The Sleep Tight weighted blanket was designed with much care and attention to detail, by a pediatric occupational therapist. The unique cut-out design at the neck produces a snug, comfortable fit over the arms and shoulders. The blankets are filled with PET pellets and covered with soft cotton corduroy. They are machine washable and dry-able on a low heat setting. Covers are available to make washing easier. Perfect for use at home and in therapy clinics. This is a durable innovative product of superior quality. (*Not eligible for reduced or free shipping)

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket-medium (12lbs 42"x 54") $236.95 T5464 Quantity   
Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket-Large (16lbs 54"x72") $278.95 T5466 Quantity   
Sleep Tight Blanket Covers-medium $68.95 T5465 Quantity   
Sleep Tight Blanket Covers-large $82.95 T5468 Quantity   
Sensory "Focus" Kit
$35.95 $29.95 On Sale!
A terrific starter collection of sensory toys to keep hands and fingers occupied, helping the brain focus on learning new information. Additionally, children respond positively to these items, making them perfect for use as rewards. Sensory kits are fun for parents and teachers too! Includes 1 each of the following items. (Specific items may vary, but value remains the same). Box not included.

Tangle Jr
Bead/DNA Ball
Inside Out Ball
Small Ergo Ball
Wood Click
Textured Tangle Jr.
Spaghetti Ball
Foam Squeeze ball

Explorer Ring
Totally unique, clear plastic bead filled ring. Beads flow from one chamber to the next based on the performance of a variety of fine motor tasks. Encourages tactile, auditory and visual exploration while working on basic hand skills, timing, visual tracking, motor planning and bilateral coordination. Game booklet with play ideas for all levels included. 12 inch diameter.

PFOT Sensory Finger Fidget Kit #1
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
"Why a finger fidget kit? Use of finger fidgets can influence a clients level of energy and arousal. Many children have not found what works for them or what they have found is making their teachers crazy! This kit contains 2 each of 8 different small items, each providing a different sensory input. Discover which works best to increase alertness or decrease and channel excess energy. Need more of a specfic item? Call us for prices and quantities.
Items vary and may include:
- Small pieces of stretchy band in different resistances (perfect for pulling with fingers; some soft and soothing to lightly brush over hands/arms)
- Unique, plastic, flexible pieces that intricately interlock
- Wikki stick strips
- Klixx links
- Spider writer pencil toppers (stretchy, pully strings)
- 1oz of putty in 2 resistives
- Round, empty ballons just perfect to fill with rice or flour.
- Actual contents may vary, but value will remain the same!

Ergo Balls
They’re soft yet tactile, resistive, yet yielding and amazingly comforting. Each of these little treasures are made with a cotton Lycra® cover filled with specially coated plastic beads that glide smoothly over each other. The result is a “can’t put it down,” squeezable, hand exerciser and stress relief machine.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Small 2" Ergo Ball $2.00 W3450 Quantity   
Large 3" Ergo Ball $9.95 W3452 Quantity   
Special - Small Ergo Ball Juggle Pack of 3 $5.00 W3450-J Quantity