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Bilateral Coordination

The skilled and coordinated use of two hands/arms/sides of the body at the same time is encouraged and developed as your child plays with and practices these activities.

Wikki Stix Activity Set
Comes with 84 short colored wikki stixs and a firm, durable, reusable playboard to work your wikki's on. Board can also be used as a write - wipe surface. You can draw a design, then outline it in wikki's (sorry-pens not included). Playboard is also great for working in a vertical plane, and also when no surface is available (i.e. travel, bed).

Infinity Loop
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
This way cool toy presents quite a challenge. The two colored, 13-in. plastic figure 8, opens and closes to form an infinity looping track. When opened and closed with smooth appropriately timed movements a ball placed in the track will keep on rolling. How long can you loop? Facilitates upper extremity stability, quick reflexes, concentration, balance, visual tracking and a good time!

Pop Bead Critters - Sorry not available. Try Small popbeads.
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Leave it to Klutz to do pop beads their way! You get 167 pop beads of various sizes, shapes and colors, including some shaped like animal heads and bodies. Most beads are smaller in size or smaller than our classic small ball, twist and oval pop beads (P9904) so they can be challenging. You also get an 18-page book with step-by-step guide to creating zany spiders, dogs, octopi and more; along with illustrated backscapes for them to play on. A fun, motivating way to challenge fine motor and bilateral coordination as well as direction following and creativity.
Giant 4 In A Row
Giant 4 In A Row Oversized plastic game board measures 18" x 21" allowing this classic strategy game to be played in many different positions. With the game on the floor, try playing from a side sit, kneeling, or half kneel position or while sitting on therapy balls or T stools. With game on a table top, placement of the playing pieces begomes a challenge of upper extremity range of motion and shoulder stability. Single players will enjoy placing pieces and creating patterns with the 21 white and 21 black discs. Great motor and perceptual fun for use in clinics, classroom or home setting.

Zoomball with Foam Cushions
Larger and longer version of the classic Zipper. This ball is 7 inches long and travels back and forth along an 18 foot length of rope. To reduce fear and force associated with any incoming balls hitting handles, small foam balls can be threaded onto each line acting as a bumper between the easy grip handles and the propelled ball. This tricky therapeutic piece of equipment provides a total body workout. Great for adults as well as children.

Bead Stick
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
A most versatile piece of equipment. Hold the dowel at the end cap and place beads over the tip. Bead stringing now becomes an activity for young and old. Great for bilateral coordination, range of motion, upper extremity stability and in-hand manipulation. Can be easier to work with than floppy laces. Will work with most size beads, but also use as a magic wand, pointer or conducting baton.

Turbo Top Tower
You get 5 colorful tops in graduated sizes and one wind-up launcher. Wind top onto launcher in a clockwise motion until you feel resistance build. Hold firmly in one or 2 hands, push release button and watch the tops take off. Best results when launcher is held straight and just above table surface. Increase the challenge and try to get all 5 rotating at the same time or if you are brave, try stacking them. Can you get all 5 towered?

OgoBild - Sorry not available.
What will you build with your OgoBild? Set comes with 2 balls and 25 interchangeable attachments in 5 wild and crazy shapes. Build and re-build as you experiment with different attachments to change the way the ball bounces, rolls, spins and flies. Or let your creativity flow as you build unique sculptures. An inventive and motivating way to increase wrist and hand strength and stability, bilateral coordination and motor planning.
Matryoshka Madness - Discontinued by manufacturer
Matryoshka's are the latest, 21 century, version of classic Russian nesting dolls. Six dolls to a set, they graduate in size from approximately 6" down to an adorable 1". The smooth, high density plastic and pleasing, bowling-pin shape, makes them perfect for grasping and a favorite of children and adults alike! A fun, bilateral workout for the hands, as dolls are repeatedly opened and closed during play. Try hiding different objects in each doll and play a memory game. Two great designs available: they make perfect gifts for the birthday boy/girl and the busy executive.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Matryoshka Madness - Dino B6612
Matryoshka Madness-Robots B6617
Twist and Drill
Kids love working with tools. Tools are a great way to develop hand skill and coordination. It's a win - win as kids work with a real, "kid size" battery-powered drill and hand held screw driver with 3 interchangeable bits. Comes with 28 chunky plastic nuts and bolts to build 4 colorful, heavy cardboard cars with spinning wheels. Easy clean-up as pieces al fit in handy storage case with carry handle. Perfect for play by 1-2 children at the same time.

Mini Morphs
Each mini morph set comes with 3 small animals that can be pulled apart and re-built in a manner similar to "pop beads". Mix and match sets to create wacky animals of your own design. Approximately 3 inches in size, these little guys offer a great workout for the hands. Improve bilateral coordination, hand and finger strength and functional hand skills all through play. Just don't let the children know they're good for them. Assorted sets.

Make 'N' Break Junior
This newest addition to our popular Make N Break construction line is geared for younger children of 5+ years. Up to 5 players each get their own set of wood blocks and race to be the first to complete the building shown on the card. COnstruction tends to depicts simpler, less complicated buildings than other sets. Fun way to work on motor planning, fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, response speed and concentration.

Tricky Fingers
All cheer the return of this wonderfully tricky game! Set includes 2 individual playing boards and a set of 14 design cards. This modern classic of a game requires movement of 16 colored balls within the self-contained box. Patterns are duplicated by moving balls from holes in the bottom of the board. Helps develop kinesthetic awareness of fingers, bilateral and perceptual motor skills. Play individually or have races.

Wooden Stringing Block Sets
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Each set includes 12 chunky wood beads and a cotton lace with long, round tipped wooden needle and permanently attached end bead. Built for success, these first stringing beads are attractively decorated on both sides and each can stand on edge, making them perfect for pretend play as well as lacing. Two styles available.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
String & Beep $14.95 E5320 Quantity   
String a Farm $14.95 E5325 Quantity   
Speed Stacks - New!
What is Speed Stacks? Speed Stacks is a set of 12 specially designed plastic cups used to participate in one of the simplest most therapeutic and readily assessable sports around. Sport stacking is what you do with the cups! In the competitive version, sanctioned by the World Sport Stacking Association, player's race against time to build up and take down, specific arrangments of cups There are thousands of stacking programs in schools around the world. As a therapeutic tool you can also have Speed stacks races or use the cups and your imagination to create a wide variety of constructions. A highly motivating tool for improving bilateral coordination, response speed, upper extremity stability and midrange control, crossing midline, as well as overall endurance and coordination. Comes with a set of regulation cups, DVD of instruction and video and an easy to use quick release stem to keep your cups together and organized. Ready, Set go Stack!

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Speed Stacks - Standard Set - New! $17.95 B5413 Quantity   
Mini Speed Stacks- New! $7.95 B5414 Quantity   
Sensory Ball
It's the perfect sized ball (7 inches) covered in perfect little nubs. Provides strong tactile input when thrown, caught, rolled, grasped or hugged. These balls are a sensory sensation!

Zoob Jr.
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Combines Zoob’s award winning creative play with larger, softer pieces designed for young children. Zoob Jr’s pieces are made of a special material that flexes and returns to its original shape for a snug fit and easier snapping together. Set comes with 15 pieces and instruction cards featuring basic connections and directions for over 12 creations. Great bilateral and arm workout. Also facilitates hand strength and motor planning.

Fun to Fasten - Dress Ups
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
These are almost too good to be true! Adorable dress up outfits designed with realistic details to foster pretend play and language skills while also developing dressing and fastening skills. Three different types of fasteners in each set (buttons, snap & zipper). Assorted careers represented such as doctor, construction, vet, artist. All are highly durable, made from a machine washable cotton blend fabric. One size only, fits children from 2-7 years or possibly older. Matching hats included. Perfect item for preschool, day care and at home dress up areas. Dress Ups also make great Halloween costumes. Available in sets or individually by fastener. *Every attempt will be made to ship assorted careers when multiple sets are ordered.

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Fun to Fasten - Dress Ups 3 pc Set (1 of each fastener) $71.95 B9906 Quantity   
Fun to Fasten - Deluxe Dress Up Set (6 pc - 2 of each fastener) $139.95 B9919 Quantity   
Fun to Fasten - Dress Up Individual Button $26.95 B9986 Quantity   
Fun to Fasten - Dress Up Individual Zipper $26.95 B9988 Quantity   
Fun to Fasten - Dress Up Individual Snap $26.95 B9987 Quantity   
Hex Peg
Exciting new twist on the classic geoboard game where rubber bands are stretched around posts to create shapes and designs. In this version, the large 6 sided board has 37 posts interspersed with 54 peg holes; additionally there are 54 pegs in 4 colors. Players take turns stretching bands across 4 posts making straight liines. Each line must be attached to a previously made line by at least one post. As lines are attached players attempt to form triangle shapes with one peg hole in the middle. the peg hole is then filled with one of their pegs. Person with the most pegs on the board is the winner. As an added bonus, Hex Peg also includes a set of design cards. Copy the placement of pegs and rubber bands to duplicate the pattern. A seriously valuable tool for working on bilateral and fine motor coordination, visual perception and visual planning.

Jawbones Discontinued
Jawbones - a silly name for a great toy! Build a model or create a piece of art with this new construction system. The brightly colored plastic pieces that have been carefully researched and engineered to fit together securely while providing the most fun, functional and versatile connections. Pieces ratchet, swivel and snap together in countless ways providing hours of fine motor, bilateral and motor planning play. Available in a 35pc travel set (for on the go fun!) or Build a Dino or Hot Rod car sets.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Jaw Bones Travel Set -35pc $9.95 B5610 Quantity   
Jawbones - 50 pc Dino $14.95 B5617 Quantity   
Jawbones - 50pc Hot Rod Cars $14.95 B5619 Quantity   
Jawbones - Both Dino & Hot Rod Set $27.95 B5615 Quantity   
Caribbean Drums - Sorry not available
No drum sticks, just fingers needed to play these authentic sounding miniature steel drums. Create some cool tropical sounds or just tap out a tune to your own inner drummer. Try labeling each section and have player duplicate a pattern. Full scale represented so the sky is the limit! Features record/playback and freestyle functions. Batteries required. Geat size for travel or therapy bags. Work on finger isolation, bilateral coordination, sequencing, rhythm and response speed, all while having a fun little jam session!
ArTec Building Blocks - New!
These vividly colored, beautifully crafted 3/4 inch plastic blocks attach smoothly and snuggly in all directions. Create 2 or 3 dimensional pictures, models designs and artwork. Each block has a number of open squares and one square projection for connecting to another block. Each size set comes with a different quantity and type of block and a poster of possible models for copying or to spark the imagination. Terrific product for building fine motor skills, bilateral hand skills, finger/hand strengthening and design copying and motor planning.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
ArTec 54 pc Travel Pouch - New! $9.95 B1863 Quantity   
ArTec 112 pc Bucket - New! $24.95 B1865 Quantity   
Zipstix- Dual Pack
Unique motor planning toy comes with everything you need to get zipping! First you bend and flex the ZipStix into the locked position…listen for the “click”. Load the ZipStix onto launcher by aligning hole with peg. Launch by holding down launcher firmly with one hand while other hand pushes down gently on end of the ZipStix until that end begins to curl. Release to launch and watch it totally curl up and take off like a runaway wheel! Go for distance, knock down the included cups or hit a distant target. You get 2 ZipStixs, one launcher, 3 cups. Highly motivating activity for building bilateral coordination.

Zoobs 40 Set- Now Back!
Zoob is the greatest snap, click and pop together toy! Pieces come in 5 slightly different shapes and 5 colors, and all interact with each other. Zoobs are intrinsically easy to use, so kids are not intimidated by complex connections. Simply push together and pull apart! And once together the pieces can move and rotate, increasing play value. Unlimited, open-ended building potential spurs the imagination but the 40 piece travel set does come with directions for some amazing creations, as well as a clear vinyl carry case with shoulder strap. There is also a special piece that provides a stable base for building or standing your constructions. Perfect, success oriented construction toy will also improve hand and arm strength, motor planning and bilateral coordination!

Textured Pop Bead
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
Easy to grasp, easy to snap, these textured beads are just the right transition size between our extra large snap beads for infants and preschoolers (E8322) (E4403) and our more challenging sets of stars, hearts and bears (P9903). 100 beautifully crafted colorful beads in reusable plastic tube. Great for refining hand skill, shaping arches of the hand, and reinforcing bilateral hand skills.