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Balls & Equipment

Therapy Balls, Children's Indoor Trampolines, Rotating & Spinning devices, & other gross motor Equipment for balance and coordination
Caution: It is recommended that adult supervision be provided at all times when using these, or any other moveable surface.

Large Parachute
A must have piece of whole body exercise equipment for all preschool, special education classes, daycare centers, after school programs and therapy clinics. Also a great addition to any birthday party or family picnic. Made from 7.5’ of colorful lightweight polyester with 8 reinforced handles. Rope sewn into outer edge makes grasping by more then 8 players very easy. Perfect tool for building cooperative play, teamwork and endurance.

Foof Chair *
Better Than a Bean Bag Chair! The “Foof” is possibly the most comfortable chair anywhere. Patented urethane fill engulfs you in a soothing, body snuggling cushion of foam. Perfect place for quiet calm down activites for children and adults. Durable, comfort suede cover, wear resistant and double stitched. Spot clean.

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Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Foof: Small - 38" $149.95 T1281 Quantity   
Foof: Medium - 42" $169.95 T1282 Quantity   
Foof: Large - 48" $189.95 T1283 Quantity   
Alphabet Bean Bags
Q6073 - B
Made from soft cuddly bright yellow felt these 26 little bean bags are perfectly sized for little hands. Embroidered with upper case letters on one side and lower case on other side. Consonants are blue and vowels are red. Comes in easy store draw string bag with a tip sheet of activities. Great for hiding, spelling, playing pick up with snatcher or other tool and you Will discover about 1,000 other uses.

Super Enormous Tunnel*
With a 28 inch diameter this is the ultimate tunnel. Designed for the “Big Kids” or even adults, this 6 foot long tunnel has a padded interior for greater comfort and can be joined with other Super E Tunnels. Due to large open feel even reluctant tunnel crawlers are more cooperative. Can also try using as a quiet, calm down space. Folds flat for storage.

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CRITTER Bean Bag Set
Colorful, 12 piece set of bean bag critters. The 6 lady bugs count 1-6 and the 6 frogs are a great size for throw and catch. A motivating, friendly addition to you bean bag collection.

Super Mobile Duffel
"Very practical duffle on wheels gives you 4600 cubic inches (26” x 12.75” x 13.5”) into which you can place bulky toys and equipment, files, books, evaluation kits, your lunch and anything else you may need for a day of itinerant therapy. Made with durable polyester, push button retractable handle, recessed in-line skate wheel system and self repairing excel zippers. Large inner compartment with 8 smaller pockets for organizing smaller personal items and fine motor materials. A truly versatile piece for on the go therapy or travel."

Mini Mobile/rolling Duffel
Smaller than its big brother, but it may be a perfect size for you. Measures 22” x 11.75” x 11.5” with a total of 3100 cubic inches. Same great features as the larger bag, you just can’t fit as much stuff! If you are carrying too much, try scaling down by moving up to a “mini.” Also great for travel.

Soft Meds Weighted Balls
These small, sand filled weighted balls are perfectly sized for the smaller hands of women and children. They look and feel great in your hands and kids just seem to love carrying them around. Use for strength training and increasing sensory awareness.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
SoftMeds- Yellow 1.1 lbs $12.95 Q6401 Quantity   
SoftMeds - Red 3.3 lbs $14.95 Q6403 Quantity   
Soft Gym - 7pc Set *
A terrifically versatile set of gross motor equipment for the clinic, classroom or playroom. Can be continually re-configured to challenge the child as they grow and develop. Use all the pieces together or divide them up for even greater versatility adn value. Durable, high-density foam with a wipe clean surface. Mat is 4'x2' and wedge is 2'long, 2'wide and 1'high. You recieve 2 mats, 2 wedges, 2 bridges and 1 balance log. Holds 88lbs. Mats are perfect for babies adn toddlers but when using the other pieces, children should be 4+ years of age. Roll, climb, tumble, balance, you can do it all with this amazingly adaptable set! * *(Sorry this item does not qualify for free shipping) Additional shipping required $99.99

Blue Exercise Band
6 yards blue band
Face Fly Bean Bag
These flying beanbags are made from brightly colored durable nylon scarves. Little hands can readily grasp and throw the lightweight bean bag "head" or the flowing tails. Throw for distance, aim at a target, spin one, spin two, pass them in circle, play catch with a partner or by yourself, juggle, ect. Endless play possibilities with this set of 6 in 6 different colors.

Small Play Parachute
Small, 6' diameter chute is perfect for use in small spaces. Made of brightly colored, durable poly-stop material with 8 hand holds and reinforced mesh center for ample air flow. Comes with one inflatable ball and a carry bag. A fun way to encourage cooperative play while building upper body strength, motor planning and timing.

Massage Ball
The therapy ball with the great bumpy surface! Whether the kids roll on it or it rolls on them, the highly textured surface provides continuous tactile input. This helps to increase attending, body awareness and alerting behaviors while facilitating motor responses. Great additions to a therapy clinic or home therapy room. 75cm

Motor Skills Basic Balance Set *
Terrific 16 pc. set of bricks, beams and poles provide fun and innovative platform for improving motor skills. Can be configured in many ways for focus on balance, jumping, crawling, etc. Watch motor planning skills improve as children build their own constructions for play. Durable, versatile set with enough pieces to be functional but not enough to overwhelm. You'll be using this set for years whether in a preschool class, day care, therapy clinic or home setting. *(Sorry this item does not qualify for free shipping)

Zoomball with Foam Cushions
Larger and longer version of the classic Zipper. This ball is 7 inches long and travels back and forth along an 18 foot length of rope. To reduce fear and force associated with any incoming balls hitting handles, small foam balls can be threaded onto each line acting as a bumper between the easy grip handles and the propelled ball. This tricky therapeutic piece of equipment provides a total body workout. Great for adults as well as children.

The Zipper
Classic two player toy for developing bilateral coordination, team work, timing, arm and hand strength and endurance. Soft 5” ball with approximately 7 feet of string. Smaller size makes it easier for indoor use and for fitting in therapy bags.

Blue Bouncer (9yr+)
Warning - Choking Hazard.  Not for children under 3 years old.
On The Go-Tote Bag
Occupational Therapy

Pop Fly
Powerful piece of equipment for improving arm strength, aim and throwing and catching skills. Hit one of the 2 large paddles with your bean bag and POW!...a ball comes popping out ready for you or someone else to catch. (The harder the throw, the higher the pop fly.) Play inside or out with 1-4 players.

Fun Tube: See Thru Tunnel
Teriffic play tunnel made of a durable, fine nylon mesh so it is fully see through. At 6 ft. long and 19" wide it is the perfect first tunnel. Reluctant toddlers and young children are comforted by being able to see and interact with care givers even while they are in the tunnel. Sturdy spring steel construction with fully padded interior for fun and safety. Fully collapsible with velcro snaps for easy storage.

Floor Surfer Rug Scooter
Beautifully and functionally designed, this Floor Surfer rolls smoothly and easily while safeguarding fingers. Padded, ergonomic design is 23 inches long, 15 inches wide and holds a maximum weight of 220 lbs. perfect for all scooter board activities, in prone, supine, sitting and kneeling position. Fits all sizes but ideal as a first scooter board for younger children due to ease of movement, support provided and finger safety.

Children's Hammock Chair - Swing*
Made from organic cotton and with an integrated rotary device, the Hammock Chair provides a more open and vigorous vestibular experience. Extra care is taken in the construction to provide an attractive, durable product of the highest quality. Perfect in clinics,therapy rooms, play and children’s rooms. Great alternative to other, more institutional looking pieces of vestibular equipment. Weight capacity to 175lbs. 2 colors available (green/lime green or multi-colored)

***Sorry this item does not qualify for free or reduced shipping

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Childrens Hammock Chair- Swing Green $79.95 Q9877 Quantity   
Childrens Hammock Chair- Swing multi-color $79.95 Q9875 Quantity   
Safety Swivel - Rotary Device $15.00 ROTA Quantity   
Stand for Swing with Universal Fixing Set $279.95 stand Quantity   
Seguro Fixing Set - Basic Swing Suspension $24.95 FSSet Quantity   
Universal Fixing Set for Swing with Height Adjuster $24.95 Q9872 Quantity   
Greatest ball game ever - it should be called Sure Catch! Far superior to all other velcro mitt and ball games. Well constructed of durable hard plastic and brightly colored velcro. Roll it, throw it, bounce it, play alone or in groups - it's hard to miss! Develops hand/finger strength, builds eye-hand coordination and promotes self esteem. Set includes 2 paddles and a velcro plush tennis-sized ball. Extra Supercatch balls are especially useful for independent play.

Senseez Vibrating Cushion
Help ease the senses, soothe and calm the body. Simply squeeze or sit on to activate those "good vibrations"!Developed by a mom for her son who had difficulty focusing and sitting in one place for meals and in the classroom. Lightweight, so easy to take along and use where-ever the child goes; school, library, restraurants, Grandma's, car, planes & hair-cuts too! Choose from easy-to-clean and versatile, blue vinyl square or the touchable line that are fuzzy, furry, plushy, or bumpy materials all with tails. Colors, styles and availablity vary.

Item Price Part No. Add Qty. to Cart
Senseez Vibrating Cushion - Vinyl Square $39.95 T7065 Quantity   
Senseez Vibrating Cushion - TURTLE $44.95 X-SPT Quantity   
Senseez Vibrating Cushion - Dino $44.95 X-SPD Quantity   
Senseez Vibrating Cushion - Cow $44.95 X-SPC Quantity   
Senseez Vibrating Cushion - Octopus/Jelly Fish $44.95 T7067J Quantity   
Froggy Toss
Young child version of our classic Supercatch (B1401), velcro catching game. But Froggy toss has 2 soft mitts and 2 soft balls. No one gets hurt but everyone gets to practice their catching and throwing skills.